The Dutch Traders (TDT) has been created with the vision that there is much to gain from international E-commerce by small and medium sized businesses. Many companies do not yet fully utilise the opportunities that are present beyond their own countries’ borders. TDT works with clients in multiple countries and together we aim to break through geographical barriers and expand your market potential. This enables companies of all sizes to take advantage of the opportunities that international E-commerce has to offer.

We are a service oriented company that differentiates itself from others by operating on a commission based model in which TDT will only charge customers in case the newly developed E-commerce sales channels actually result in additional revenue for your company. By adopting this approach we offer businesses a low risk and flexible service in which mutual success and growth is key.

Our Team


Co-founder and Partner South-Africa

From a young age Floris has been interested in the world of E-commerce and the opportunities that new technologies offer for small and medium sized businesses. As a son of an entrepreneur he has witnessed and learned from the significance of E-commerce in day-to-day business. With a background in Industrial Engineering and years of experience in revenue management, the creation of TDT is his first step in entrepreneurship. His goal:

“At TDT we want to help small and medium sized businesses to reap the benefits of international E-commerce just as larger companies have been doing for many years. Our emphasis on a minimal upfront investment for our customers shows that we aim for a long term partnership with our clients in which both parties share mutual growth and success.”


Partner Spain

Jan, living in Spain, will be the contact for the Spanish-speaking world. With extensive experience in programming both web pages and mobile applications, he is an expert in the technical solutions for your company. He is an aeronautical engineer with an entrepreneurial spirit, and faces with great enthusiasm the challenges of customers like you:

“For small and medium businesses it is often difficult to make time to investigate and carry out technological implementations to improve business performance. The Dutch Traders is the ideal technological partner to help these companies with their goals. Being a small company ourselves, we can offer personalized services at a reduced price.”


Co-founder and Partner The Netherlands

For Johannes the creation of TDT has been a first step in entrepreneurship. With a background in Logistics and E-commerce application Johannes is able to provide practical insights and support in setting up an international webshop. He is keen to meet with your business and explore the opportunities that E-commerce can offer for your company. In working with TDT he says:

“ Because we adopt a very low cost level we are able to offer our customers very competitive prices and enable them to increase their global sales channels without the need for large investments. I believe that this formula can provide a welcome relief to many entrepreneurs and guide them to sustained revenue growth.”

Company Details

Name: TDT Online LLP
Registration: OC424658
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