Refer new clients and receive a 20% referral fee! As a win-win, referred clients receive two months of their service package for free.

All you need to do is the following:

1 – Sign Up for our Free Affiliate Program

2 – Send your unique Affiliate Reference ID link to prospective clients in order for them to book a free consultation with TDT. When booking the appointment, your referred client can enter your Affiliate Reference ID number or communicate it to us.

3 – If the referred client signs a 1 year contract with us, you’ll receive 20% of their first year’s fixed fee as commission! Your referred client also wins by receiving two months of their fixed service fees for free.

4 – Once the referred client has signed a contract with us and has fulfilled their fixed fees for the first year, we will transfer your referral fee within 90 days. All commission fees will be transferred to your account on a quarterly basis.


Fixed Monthly Fees for Client

First Year Fixed Fees Billed to Client

(2 Months Free)

Your One-Time Commision (20%)


€14.95 per month

(Ex. VAT)

€179.40 €149.50 (Ex. VAT)



€24.95 per month

(Ex. VAT)

€299.40 €249.50 (Ex. VAT)



€49.95 per month

(Ex. VAT)

€599.40 €499.50 (Ex. VAT)