Customised Solutions (B2B)

Online sales have become ever more important for business transactions between small- and medium sized enterprises. Does your company not offer online sales options yet, or do you feel your current webshop could be improved? Then read more about our customised Business-to-Business (B2B) solutions!

TDT Online will build a webshop tailored to your needs and that of your customers. One webshop, but with a customized environment for each customer. Just think about the opportunities of growing your revenues when your customers’ employees can order directly through your webportal! Especially for employee consumables, like company uniforms or personal protection equipment (PPE) for example, a customized and secured webshop can have many benefits for the transaction speed and administration. You can choose to receive direct online payment or allow for payment on account which are settled periodically. For your customers this means a quick and convenient ordering process with less administrative tasks. For you it means a closer relationship with your customer, more opportunities to increase revenues and a simplified administrative process.

Through TDT Online’s unique commission proposition, this B2B portal can be created for you without the need for prior investment. By using a commission based model your company mitigates the risk of unexpected future costs and you can focus on growing your business. Alterations and updates to the webshop have become a shared interest which is why we do not charge for these services. We make it our business to make yours successful!

Benefits of a B2B webshop from TDT Online:
+ Extra service and a comfortable ordering process for your customers
+ Deliver on account, or charge directly per purchase
+ Mutual success is key
+ Commission based: if you win, we win
+ Technical webshop management by TDT Online
+ Automated backoffice
+ Pre-investment €0!
+ No additional charge for (future) updates
+ Starting from €49,95 per month (ex. VAT)!

Traditional webdesign bureaus can charge thousands of euro’s for webshop designs and charge high hourly tariffs for future alterations. Not at TDT Online. We operate a fair and transparent business model where we do not ask you to pay up front, but instead ask for a sales commission and a limited monthly fee. TDT Online aims for long term relationships with its customers. The commission structure puts clients in control, instead of being fully dependent on an expensive webdesign agency. That is why TDT Online is your best choice to explore the world of E-commerce!

Interested in what we can do for you? Please feel free to contact us now!