Don’t have the time to implement improvements for your store? Or don’t you have the technical knowledge to implement the necessary changes? We can help you. We offer customised software solutions to improve the performance of your store, so you can make more efficient use of your time and that of your employees. As we do with the rest of our services, our customised solutions are economically accessible, especially for small and medium sized businesses. Most of our solutions do not require a large initial investment but are billed as a monthly subscription instead, allowing you to spread these expenses over a longer time period. Software development will be carried out in two easy steps:

Problem identification

It is not possible to create software to improve store performance without understanding exactly what the problem is. In our experience, problem definition is the most important step in the improvement process. Together we will identify the problem and define the most appropriate solution.

Software design

Once the problem is identified, TDT will continue with the technological design of the solution. The software will be delivered with a simple user manual.

If you are looking for a customised technical solution, contact us!