The Dutch Traders (TDT) has been created with the vision that there is much to gain from international E-commerce by small and medium sized businesses. Many companies do not yet fully utilise the opportunities that are present beyond their own countries’ borders. TDT works with clients in multiple countries and together we aim to break through geographical barriers and expand your market potential. This enables companies of all sizes to take advantage of the opportunities that international E-commerce has to offer.

We are a service oriented company that differentiates itself from others by operating on a commission based model in which TDT will only charge customers in case the newly developed E-commerce sales channels actually result in additional revenue for your company. By adopting this approach we offer businesses a low risk and flexible service in which mutual success and growth is key.

1. DYI WordPress Website

Do you want to design your own website but don’t have experience in managing the technical aspects of your site? Then our Do-It-Yourself WordPress hosting packages can be interesting for you!

We enable you to design your own website build on the highly popular and secure WordPress platform. You are 100% in charge of the design of your website and can choose from a wide range of (free) templates. Our goal is to provide you with the best WordPress ecosystem for non-technical users!

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2. Online Webshop

Does your business not sell online yet? Or does your webshop only focus on the domestic market? Do you want to increase your turnover and take full advantage of the opportunities in international E-commerce? If so, TDT Online can make it happen! TDT Online can create an international webshop for you which is accessible globally and is easy to manage. Your webshop will be created using a responsive design which allows your webshop to look great on both desktops, tablets and mobile phones while still maintaining ease of navigation. TDT Online can also support your business in online marketing to drive sales even further!

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3. Customised Solutions

Online sales have become ever more important for business transactions between small- and medium sized enterprises. Does your company not offer online sales options yet, or do you feel your company webshop could be improved? Then read more about our customised Business-to-Business (B2B) webshop solutions!

TDT Online will build a webshop tailored to your needs and that of your customers. One webshop, but with a customized environment for each customer. Just think about the opportunities of growing your revenues when your customers’ employees can order directly through your webportal! Especially for employee consumables, like company uniforms or personal protection equipment (PPE) for example, a customized and secured webshop can have many benefits for the transaction speed and administration. You can choose to receive direct online payment or allow for payment on account which are settled periodically.

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